About Favour Wilson.

Favour Wilson is a Registered Nurse. she graduated from McMaster University with her Masters of science in nursing degree in anesthetics in the year 2015. She has since then worked in different hospitals.

What Magnifientduo Offers.

  This site is generally concerned with the promotion of health,maintenance and improvements of life. The main topics is related to nutrition, natural medicines, healthy recipes,home remedies,fitness and many more. All of which is aimed at restoring health to humanity.


 All things related to health will be discussed here. This includes natural health care tips, health concern and many more. we provide a forum where interaction,questions and concerns can be tackled efficiently without distress or panic. Be assured that all matters concerning your health would be well taken care of.

   Magnificent duo believes that health can be restored with the proper food intake and adequate dietary measures. we are concerned about your well being and will see that we bring to you the best of all that will guide you through maintaining a healthy diet.


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